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Social Security

Should you require health coverage,
we take care of your social security registration and handle your family allowance requests. 

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Assistance with tax declaration to the French administration, advice, and support on taxation matters. 

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"We put our expertise at the service of individuals and French companies employing foreign workers. Our personalized approach is designed to meet your needs in an adapted manner. "

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From a very young age, Alice PAULINO developed a strong interest in assisting those in need. A curious and open-minded individual with a worldly perspective, she has frequently traveled and spent the last six years abroad. She not only had the opportunity to live but also to work and study in several countries, including Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, Canada, Senegal, and the United Kingdom.

Constantly adapting to diverse cultures and environments affirmed her desire to assist immigrant individuals. Following her studies in International Relations and European Politics, Alice worked as a social worker in immigration in Canada. Responsible for the integration and settlement of immigrant individuals, her primary focus has always been on developing an empathetic and understanding approach.

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Close to individuals and businesses that seek our assistance, ATW Immigration Services has developed an empathic and understanding approach, ensuring that we truly understand your needs. Our goal is to facilitate the integration of each newcomer in France to the fullest extent. Whether it is a visa application, a residence permit, a work visa, a tax declaration or procedures with social security, ATW Immigration Services handles each request with diligence and professionalism. 

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