Over the years, I have been committed to helping those most in need, always seeking ways to improve their quality of life. What truly drives me is the opportunity to provide tangible and meaningful assistance to others.

Listening and empathy are the cornerstones of my work. My dedication to these values has enabled me to experience unique encounters, work within various communities, and forge deep connections with the individuals I have had the privilege to assist.


After obtaining my degree in International Relations and European Politics, I worked as a social worker in immigration in Canada. In charge of the integration of newcomers, my priority was to develop an empathetic and caring approach. Back in France, I held the position of International Mobility Manager at Deloitte. After several years of experience, I decided to create ATW Immigration Services, a company dedicated to supporting individuals navigating immigration challenges. This initiative stems from deep reflection and personal conviction. My goal is to offer individuals the opportunity to benefit from professional support while feeling genuine attention and understanding.


ATW Immigration Services is primarily driven by human values related to diversity, commitment to others, and social and professional integration. The goal is to provide essential support to those considering settling in France. I aim for us to become a reference point for newcomers, thereby contributing to improving their experience.

Anyone immigrating to France or any company looking to hire foreign employees faces unique challenges.
For this reason, we study, advise, and accompany each client, whether an individual or a company, on an individual basis. Our solid knowledge of immigration in France ensures high-quality services tailored to your specific needs. With a commitment to helping others, we will meet your requests with care.